Customize your gift at You Name It Baby! We’re your local, specialized children’s boutique that provides an unbelievable array of unique personalized products for newborns, babies, toddlers and kids. Have fun customizing your order by choosing your font and thread colour, creating a one-of-a-kind personalized gift!

Personalized Stools and Chairs.
Our favourite category of personalized baby and kids gifts! Want to give a gift that will last forever? Look no further.

Why Our Personalized Stools and Chairs?
We're proud to tell you that all stools and chairs at YNIB are made in Canada! Our stools are hand-cut and hand painted just-for-you. Our personalized chairs are the hottest item here at the store.

Why Personalized Stools and Chairs are the Perfect Gift?
These are the kind of gifts that parents just don't throw away. Our personalized stools and chairs make beautiful accents in any nursery room, and will last for years in the child's home. 

How to Pick the Right Personalized Stool or Chair?
These days, less is more. Modern parents prefer subtle colours and designs.
If you don't know the colour decor in the nursery room, choose a stool/chair with lots of white and grey.

You Name It Baby! Hint When Personalizing Your Stool or Chair:
It's always fun to consider a playful design for a stool, but if you choose a less babyish design, that stool will be used in the nursery and in the big boy/girl room too!