Personalizing Your Christmas Stocking

Browse our collection of personalized Christmas stockings to create the most stylish Christmas mantel.  We highly recommend matching all your personalized Christmas stockings with the same choice of font.  Rascal font is a modern and clean font, and willow lane fonts make your personalized holiday stocking very elegant.  You can’t go wrong with red for embroidered names on your Christmas stockings, but we also love grey for a very modern look.  Each personalized Christmas sock is customized just for you. Don’t forget to scroll to see some of our customer favourites for personalized holiday Christmas gifts for kids.

Why Personalize Your Christmas Stockings?

Personalized Christmas stockings make a statement. With a personalized Christmas stocking for everyone in the family, you'll be sure to create some memorable Christmas morning photos.  Personalized Christmas stockings also make a great holiday gift that will be cherished year after year.

How to Choose a Personalized Christmas Stocking

The roaring fireplace mantel is typically the focal point of your room during the holiday season.  Imagine how beautiful it will look with a matching set of personalized Christmas stockings hanging from it.  Choose Christmas stockings that match the decor in your room, or a colour theme in your decorations.  Many of our Christmas stockings match with the grey tones of modern homes, and adding a playful picture of snowmen or reindeer remind us of the joy of the season.  Of course, we also have classic red Christmas stockings that fit any room, plus knitted Christmas stocking styles for a warm and homey feel.