We specialize in personalize baby gift baskets. Choose from a variety of baby gift basket prices. Customize your baby gift basket with any child’s name, and have fun choosing by choosing your embroidery font and thread colour for your order.  We ship our baby gift baskets fast across Canada! Our unique baby gifts are truly one-of-a-kind.

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Personalized Baby Gift Baskets & Sets.
Look no further for the most unique, one-of-a-kind baby gift baskets and sets. At YNIB, you can be certain that your personalized baby gift basket will make a memorable impression.

Why Our Personalized Baby Gift Baskets & Sets?
We pride ourselves in offering only practical baby gift in our baby gift baskets and nothing else. You Name It Baby! does not include any space-filling, low end items or plastic toys in our gift baskets.

Why Personalized Baby Gift Baskets & Sets are the Perfect Gift!
There is something very special about giving a baby gift baskets with the baby's name. New parents consider the gifts as keepsakes, and will cherish them for years to come.  We're proud to say that new parents rave about our unique, personalized baby gift baskets that they receive from You Name It Baby!

How to Pick the Right Personalized Baby Gift Basket and Set?
Our personalized baby gift baskets all include our most popular and favourite gifts from our store. With a variety of different price ranges, you'll be sure to find a personalized baby gift basket that is right for you.