Diaper Caddy Organizer w/Removable Divider – Grey

$42.99 CAD


Diaper Caddy Organizer w/Removable Divider – Grey

The neutral colour exterior fabric designed for a modern and stylish with a luxury feel. This elegant Storage Basket can match most of your home decorations and styles, perfect for any Nursery Storage Bin on-the-go.  Not only will this tope basket help in keeping your diaper area organized, but it also doubles as a charming decoration.  Our handles are integrated with the basket in a seamless manner. Clean and sleek look, but most importantly, sturdy and functional. Crafted with strong stitching, the weave density at least doubles that of the average woven basket, that’s built to last for many years. Combined with a low profile slit handles with reinforced stitching, allowing for convenient and comfortable carrying of heavy loads around the house.

Three spacious compartment allows for storing a variety of items. Three compartments allows items to be easily organized, making them convenient and distinguishable, so you can find your items quickly. Remove the diaper organizer insert to store additional baby products, clothes, kid’s toys, pet products, toiletry storage, towel, blanket, keys, and much more!

This item is NON personalized.

Perfect for……

  • Baby Essentials : diapers, creams, wipes, clothes, lotions, toys
  • Crafting Supplies : Pens, papers, Arts, glues, drawing kit
  • Car Travel Organizer : travel essentials, keys, sunglasses
  • Living room: magazines, books, controls, remotes, candles, DVDs, board games
  • Bathroom: tissue, sundry storage, combs, beauty supplies, makeup
  • Laundry room: cleaning supplies, detergent, cloths

How to Care

  • Our bins are delivered in a folded state. To help remove the creases, we suggest stuffing the bins with pillows, blankets, etc. to expand the shape of the bins.
  • Bins can also be lightly steamed or ironed on low heat. Gentle reminder that only the exterior of the bag can be safely ironed or steamed.