Kids Muskoka Chair – Natural Pine

$110.00 CAD

Completed in about 2-3 days

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Kids Muskoka Chair – Natural Pine

Look no further for a creative baby gift.  These children-sized Adirondack chairs make a huge impression!  Perfectly sized for little tushies, this gorgeous kids Muskoka chair is made with high quality Canadian pine wood, and will be adored by little kids and their parents.  This amazing baby Muskoka chair can be purchased plain with its natural pine look, painted with a solid colour and a name, or designed by you!  Create a custom made baby Muskoka chair with your choice of paint colour and name!  These children Adirondack chairs are a gift that are used for years to come.

Approximate Dimensions: 19″ l x 18″ w x 20″ h
Ages: 1 – 7 years.  YNIB always recommends that little children be supervised!

NOTE:  These kids Muskoka chairs are handmade so they are not as uniform as a pre-manufactured chair made in a factory. There will be nail marks and imperfections in the wood and in the painted finish.  This does not mean it is faulty, it means it is handmade from scratch so can not be uniform. Each Muskoka chair is unique!